Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Questions On The Marketing Strategy - 1021 Words

Critical Issues – Andrew Deihl (1) Luluemon Athletica Inc. has done well to get into the yoga market and maintain their leading role in the market. However, they have also struggled in a few key areas of their business model. These areas are important to for lululemon athletica inc. to address in order to improve their stand in the market. Marketing A major issue with Lululemon Athletica Inc. is their marketing strategy. Currently, they are following a marketing strategy similar to word-of-mouth, focusing solely on a few key players to help get lululemon out there (Marketing, BUS 340). This stems from various grassroots, community-based marketing efforts and the use of social media. The main sources come from two key people that work†¦show more content†¦The lack of mass marketing is hurting the brand awareness of lululemon, which is important in order to survive in the industry with leaders like Nike, Adidas and others specifically targeting their market like Bebe and Athleta. Included with the stiff competition lululemon faces are their limited markets that they choose to focus their business strategy on. Niche Market Lululemon has chosen to place itself with a very focused target market. Initially, lululemon’s primary target was sophisticated and educated women who understand the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle. Since then, they have broaden there market target to include fitness apparel outside yoga for women and hit other large market segments, like men’s and female youths fitness apparel. Unfortunately, this target switch has happened very late in their growth, which can explain some issues, but there is a bigger problem within their original target market. In March 2013, lululemon faced a set back when their women’s black Luon pants were sheer and it was visibly recognizable that others could see the garments worn underneath. When this happened, lululemon fired back by stating in a Facebook post that they only manufactured women’s size 2-12 and had no plans of changing the sizing structure. This alone is a huge flaw in their company’s strategy. Th e company’s goal was to sell to

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