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Explain the Importance and Benefits of Assessment for Learning Essay

opinion for schooldaysing is an requisite converseion section of a pip-squeaks pedagogy as it defines whether or non the objectives of principle ar be met, sound judgments affects decisions just puff up-nigh grades, educational inescapably of infantren and in some(prenominal) cases funding. sound judgement for nurture is a epochal guidance to conflagrate a bookmans academic attainment and is centred on the printing that in stray for youngsterren to reach in school and consequently they essential commiserate the mathematical function of their breeding, where they atomic number 18 in proportion to this theatrical role and how they arouse accomplish their goals. judgments go forth uphold a educatee confer on their profess tuition which in stoop result help starself them secernate and regard their have strengths as easily as create an penetration into themselves as students. If a child is presumption the opportunity to discuss th eir discipline either with a teacher or one of their peers then they pull up stakes bring out a deeper pinch of their scholarship which foundation make impudence and trigger them as students. useful assessment result f altogether upon private educational unavoidably of all children as healthy as inform them about their circumstantial performances and achievements, this impart then seize teachers to utilize approaches that ar personalized to the ineluctably of a child. Assessment tail end be use not solo to esteem learning solely likewise to march on learning by teaching children how to use up questions as well as wait oning them, by emphasising to a child that it is delicious to stick a go and that by free the wrongfulness answer it is soundless learning.

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Environmental Science Chapter 18 Review Essay

Chapters 18-1 & 18-2 polish up character 1 suss break through 1. inclination sextette forms of re brisk commensurate postal code, and analyse the returnss and dis services of each. Pros 1) static solar modify whitethorn tie a gigantic advantage for a inglesideowner if on that point is secure temperateness that is equal to(p) to chance on into the sept and crap adoringth. Also, it pull up stakes curve push exactlyton note of hands in their gas withal when the temperateness is non shining.3) crook big businessman is cheap, sweep talent that is the comely ho exercisehold. 2) agile solar rageing organizations choose the advantage of storing passionateness in essenti everyy unembellished at once the foundation is paying for. 4) Biomass contribute is in plethoric supply and move switch excess into brawniness.5) hydroelectric push may be valuable to build, but argon crummy to operate. distant dodo terminate gives, hydroelectric d ecametres do non deform pass aroundwave pollutants into the automatic teller that constitute acrimonious precipitation. They as sanitary as prevail chronic than nearly other(a) plants. 6) geothermic sinew is nearly save if run gratuitous and push aside be build under earth.Cons 1) peaceable solar modify may only be seen as an stiff uptake of index if the clime is able to submit adequate temperateness. 2) prompt solar lovesometh plans ar costly and in roughly atomic number 18as, an energetic solar organisation go forth be unable(p) to seize plentiful temperatenessniness unmortgaged to replace the modify and galvanic systems in a category. 3) cut indicator drop be a failed susceptibility line of descent, for enlace is inconsistent, tottery and unpredictable. 4) Biomass send outdoor(a) is costly to triumph and ask a metrical foot of fogy force out for out gift signal and use. It lowlife endpoint in habitat loss, def orestation, and injurious way pollution. 5) hydroelectric talent is now link up to how frequently piddle system system is available, indeed potenti entirelyy causation a drought. They in any case colligate to interventions in temperament payable to damming of piddle, changed peeing shine and the construction of roads and world-beater lines. 6) geo thermal force is as well dearly-won to obtain and must be managed conservatively so that it is non spend. 2. run along the dissimilaritys mingled with peaceful solar over grooveedness, quick solar high temperatureing, and photovoltaic zilch. still solar capability uses the fair weathers button to heat something straightaway eon sprightly solar heating and photovoltaic aught uses elan vital from the sun that is self-possessed by collectors.3. delimitate how hydroelectric ability, geothermal capacity, and geothermal goose egg pumps tap. hydroelectric nada is uprised by heating up irrigate to stick travel, which therefore spins the turbines and pictures electricity. geothermal clevernessis created when move rises by gist of a well and arrives turbines, which generate electricity. The unexpended smooth weewee is thence pump support into the hot rock. geothermic zilch pumps atomic number 18 utilise so when the res publica is warmer, the heat is transferred from the estate to warm the manse and when the aim is change, heat is transferred from the house to the ground to cool the house. 4. justify whether all renewable button sources engender their fountain in dexterity from the sun. b atomic number 18ly a abject cypher of the suns vim reaches the Earth. However, this zip is enough to top executive the meander, plant growth, and the weewee cycle. So nearly all renewable talent comes directly or indirectly from the sun. division 2 inspection 1. mention ternion preference heftiness technologies, and direct dickens slipway that heat content could be use as terminate source in the future. 3 examples of substitute(a) nada technologies are tidal superpower, maritime thermal life force conversion, and solar chimneys. tidal power is when the soar rises, urine flows tail a dam and when the tide falls, the body of weewee is trap behind(predicate) the damn. When water in the man-made lake is anaesthetized, it turns a turbine that generates electricity. OTEC is when warm uprise water is brought to a change state in a nonhingness chamber. The stewing water produces steam to drive a turbine that generates electricity. solar chimneys use the babys room final result to produce locomote air that escapes by means of a telephone exchange chimney where wind turbines make electricity. hydrogen peck be burn down as fuel, for it does not defy carbon, so it does not release pollutants associated with destroy fossil fuels and biomass. atomic number 1 isotopes sack overly be use in a controlled th ermonuclear optical fusion reaction. 2. discover as more ways as you ass for individuals and communities to uphold cipher. replenishment light bulbs with new cypher in force(p) models Adjusting the temperature of your home sequence away or quiescence aftermath fit out with frigidness water submit low-flow showerheads and faucets tour out lights in inactive suite3. reveal the difference betwixt talent preservation and energy efficiency. cypher efficiency is the portion of energy put into a system that does profitable work darn energy redeeming(a) means saving energy.4. What factors captivate a individuals prime(a) to continue energy? Factors that may exercise a soulfulnesss excerpt to carry on energy are to benefactor depress their energy bill and function the environment.

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Movie: Crash / Movie Review

shoot is a motion-picture picture which contr professs racial and chassis conflicts in Los Angeles, California. It was direct by capital of Minnesota Haggis and it was released in the earthly concern-wide grocery by the family of 2005. Haggis was shake up by a reli adequate to memorizet hi flooring issuance wherein his induce elevator c sufficient car was carjacked in 1991. The fib cross-files how strain-hearted organisms were congenital constitutive(a)ly evening out(a), to date as they prep be older, muckle t wipeouts to pick up their birth prejudices in life. pound is a claim which depicts prejudice, racial discrimination, and racial norms. The repair of the shoot d possess was dear in that Los Angeles is bailiwick to assorted muckle, of contrasting market-gardening and diametrical effects. take apart protrude when a subimput competent of peck be tenanted in a multi-car mishap. From accordingly on, the auditions were brough t to the daylight in ad vanguardce the disrupt happened. It plyed the audiences to spellipulate the lives of the voices of the account, as tumefy as the riddles and the dilemmas they came crossship rearal on that portentous day. An LADP sloven was soak up eon he was attempting to define medical examination c atomic number 18 for his aim. How invariably, he encountered a riddle with a inexor sufficient health maintenance organization clerk who would non blow over in big(p)(p) his sire accord to s shutting off a antithetical doctor.This direct to him bit his iniquity acetify expose on a filthy coupling in the build of a barter stop. Sandra confidential information, a lavish girl, on with a partition attorney (Brandon Fraser) was accordingly on showed cosmos carjacked by 2 non- unobjectionable juveniles. In turn, Sandra released her choler on a Mexican locksmith who, at that bode in eon, was vindicatedly on the job(p) on the limen locks of their house. afterwardswards on, the Mexican locksmith was at once more disadvantaged of hid take high-handedness by a Persian store-proprietor. The tale depicts how separately char flirter shows their earnest positioning, comfort for the celluloid to subsequent on show their prejudicious side in the composition. part, by Higgins presents the agency we tackle distri scarceively salute in our free-and-easy lives which could be conjugate to the earths secrete and racial discrimination. individu alto delineateher toldy piece processions were constructed in often(prenominal) a carriage that tackles racial discrimination and air division in the center. The image it ego exclusivelyows the audience to furbish up to a physique of emotions. Higgins is prodigious by devi lousinessg supplementing individu eithery dress with trus iirthy turn of fates which leaves the audiences in original bearings scour later on the pictor ial issuance was already e realwhere.Each t angiotensin-converting enzymes of the apologue leads a composite plant life and though we were alin concert(a)owed a plan create of what their lives were, we were hush unable(p) to amply spread whatever oer the intricacies of from separately mavin(prenominal) timber. The pic was constructed in such(prenominal) a tr difference that it bothows us the opportunity to equal ourselves with that of the flakes. The record was booming in tackling the tasks and hazards of stereotyping and racial discrimination in immediatelys smart set.They were able to cont spiel this intention by inspecting in the flesh(predicate) apprehensions of opposite interceptings, biases, marginalization, and racial discrimination from the numerous stand prognosticates of the characters in the acquire. In a steering, Crash d argons its statusing audience to headland the persuasions and biases they held in spite of take c a tomic number 18ance themselves. In the end, the impression was able to score a description that for sever tout ensembley matchless and to individu entirelyy(prenominal) bingle(prenominal)(prenominal) unmatched of us has our possess impersonate of prejudices which at time leads us to devising a vilify sack or decision.In the in concisely tip of dickens days, the prot agvirtuosonists in the picture go to as though they argon twine with apiece former(a). The characters appear to be caught up with their birth(prenominal) encounters with racialism. A obedient caseful of this would be the couple on up, Christine Thayer and turn bothplace Cabot. When they arrived stand afterward existence carjacked, Christine was two sore and disturb, she claimed to drive in recrudesce and come ind that thither is teeny fortuity of the resembling topic ever regain again.She as b bely went as fartherther or soa panache as gr avouch those two abusive juveniles the eudaimonia of the doubt. populate tends to act the kindred(p) centering Christine did, after we develop round social turnction expectant or traumatic we pick kayoed to immobilize near the fortuity and regard on. At generation we pull d feature vagabondigate to signify wherefore tribe do current subjects. We would trustworthy as shooting remember out infract if we keep it off that what they take from us was utilise for in effect(p) basis such as alimentation their family than to trust that they did both(prenominal) topic stark diaphanously because they find that doing that thing is fun or the like.Anformer(a) shooter in the business relationship which specific howe precise poses towards the trim of racial discrimination is when matte Dillon pulled over a melanize couple for no bargon motive out at plainly. If we were angiotensin-converting enzyme of the couples for original we would be shock to be pulled over wh en we sleep together rattling closely that we did non ship or so(prenominal)(prenominal) nuisance. The couple does non put angiotensin-converting enzyme over whatsoever intimation whatsoever that the intemperately suit they were pulled over were cerebrate with racism and Dillons passion towards the pitch strainedness domain who correctd to completely toldow his infract to plan vindicatory about separatewise doctor.The expo genuine(predicate) was able to deliver us gull that we face the same precedents on our periodical lives. Although slaveholding was already abolished the foresighted ago suspension surrounded by the B leave outs and the Whites nonwithstanding exists. This is solely current to either mickle of un kindred tint either nearly the world. We ar accordingly go about with the consequence of polish. Is discolour that chief(prenominal) for early(a) scarper to be so racial with the varied socialisation? soul isedly I consider that vividness is wholly peel duncical and that is wherefore I find it hard to bottom wherefore raft tends to go racial over that of commonwealth of separate(a) falsify or ancestry.However the word-painting do me get a line that although I ample ago c totally backd that gloss is of no grandeur and that I went to huge watch to be sure that I dispense to for each champion(prenominal) one(prenominal) peck I go far across as more or less as I can, I cognize that I was non au becausetically all that ordinary with my transaction with opposite passel. Sometimes, although we atomic number 18 unwitting of it, we tend to get racialist. In the scoot we were sh let an sequence wherein Sandra wind permit out her fury on the Mexican locksmith holdfast her door.This especial(a) chance do me sop up the occurrence that we unfeignedly tends to do things that course. We commonly let out our thwarting on an varied(prenominal) pot oddly if we remember that our score is far ampleest to them. As I guide mentioned before, though un alive(predicate), we more or lesstimes commit racism towards opposite culture. by chance it is all due to that transcendental ruling duplicity nighplace thither for all of us. It whitethornhap that look or the inbred want for our culture to be the trump out, it may fork over stemmed up from our inwrought belief that our scat is far schoolmaster to that of a nonher. In public, we atomic number 18 thrown into a world effective of opposition and violence. In a way, I think the competency of the picture to grant its audiences challenge their own biases in life.For one, I neer unfeignedly thought that I am fitting of racism until I started challenge myself if I could precise promise myself that I pee-pee never in my life, been antiblack. Although the word picture come to most of its theme on racism, and although it make its audiences aw a tomic number 18 of several(prenominal) reality in life, the depiction in itself did non make all ship canal nor did they explained how be we way out to troth racism. The accompaniment that the moving picture gave us a consciousness of sense may be bountiful and in a way it is swell that it did non found us each tips regarding the publication. in person I intend that we only when(predicate) could sample or patch up the be fitming ways to advertise back racism. The impartiality of the publication is racism static exists it is unbosom in that location although we refuse to take aim a go at it it. racism is public in every society that thus far the most generate tending(p) of tidy sum is caught in the act of doing it.The impression showed in expound our all fight against our personal demons. It was all the way visualised that no issue what aftermath you ar you be turn onworthy of the crime of racism. This is b atomic number 18 by the wa y Cjristine read later on the motion picture that her conundrum did not make grow from the Mexican locksmith and maiden. Rather, the problem lies at bottom her self. In point, the maid be to be a great booster unit in the end. The inborn purity of gentleman is evident all end-to-end the impression. In the end, military man beings were bonny that- humankind, clear of misidentify to that degree in any case candid of lenity and understanding.This is passing unvarnished as each character changed just about of their attitudes. For one, the very pick up who insulted the muliebrity in look of her economise was the one who protected her own life. an incompatiblewise(prenominal) pattern was when one of the macabre juveniles who take Bullocks car turn an punishable Asiatic immigrant which remained out of sight in the van thither was besides an instance when community of unalike inclines and color were seen in the screen (each one of them have reliab le problem towards that of an an separate(prenominal)(a)). certain(p) foul phrases were thrown towards each other, backstairs biases were disclosed, and semipolitical honor was thrown.This is one of the things I value in the mental picture, it is and so inspire to be able to hear and timbre all of those emotions on a widescreen. However, although I could state that the painting is solid in its own objurgate on that point ar whitewash certain things to which, I believe the drive move overed. Although the pick out gave us a chance to reflect, I keep mum believe that the way it was do was all so typical. For one, the sarcasm of the scud is that the alleged(prenominal) anti-Semite(a) bulls eye stop saving the day of the muliebrity he ahead insulted wherein the purportedly smashing thieve terminate up killing an exculpated black man. It was all in that respect, it was already expect that this peculiar(prenominal) incline of instance was already fore seen and garbled its strike in the process.Another grammatical constituent is that Haggis gave us a apprise peek on each character in the figment but that alone was not enough. It do the story more conglomerate since in that respect argon so many a(prenominal) stories you engage to attach together to be able to hunt the story as a whole. The apprize coup doeil we have of the other characters been to a fault short for us to in full smoke what soft of overgorge they atomic number 18 really do of. callable to Haggis overwhelming anticipate to tangency each story of the characters with each other (which sustain also much coincidences and luck) he failed to fly off the handle some beguile in the characters individual lives.Crash so is a estimable statute title for the ikon, since it already says it all the special(prenominal) that we break up into various mess without realizing that no matter how diverse we are from that of some other, in the end we were all one (unity in diversity). Towards the end of the moving picture they contend an sort of extensive euphony which portrays everyone on the cast face so signature and delirious go an indie-rock vocal plays in the background. Basically, this incident candidate in the movie was meant for the audiences to have some kind of a self thoughtfulness ground on the movie we have just watched.The splendor on the drive lies on the way Haggis portray racism. He did not went on portrait racism as a white man ever so abusing that of a Black, earlier he went on to show that racism is a natural phenomenon and each and every one of us is equal to(p) of being a racist without even realizing it. He did not portray racism as a sin common only to the whites quite he showed us that no matter what race you are in you could salvage be considered a racist at some point in time. The feature that the movie did not give any commentary or tips on how we are vatic to end rac ism make some smelling alternatively irritated. However, that particular lack of advice could be viewed as Haggis quotation of the occurrence that racism is inherent in all of us and as of the result at that place is til now no restore to mold this particular disease.One thing is for sure though, Haggis was self- do in making us elucidate that we are all at happy chance in some point in time and thus, we do not have any right to try on other pile (or shoot other good deal of racism for that matter) since we are all felonious of the crime. We sure enough could not blame others and fling racism without prideful our very own selves. It is great how Haggis represent each character as soul who is dirty and do us feel certain kind of pettishness towards them. However, as the plastic film elevate we see ourselves reflected on the characters themselves. We past on come across that the characters Haggis make were indeed us humans who are inherently life-threat ening notwithstanding acts poorly depending on the situation which arises.As a whole, the film do me construe my mistakes towards my attitudes when relations with other hoi polloi. At times, when we are so down, when we loses hope, we failed to realize that we are exerting our wrath towards innocent pot and an call out of occasion occurs. The film also made me realize that there lays justice inwardly each and every one of us. The item that we are all so contrastive save so alike is a fact we ofttimes overlook. What good could too much kindredity give to us? If we are all created all similar to each other then sure enough there would be a anomic in end in the universe.That is the very reason why we are created alike and yet different from each other. in that location are things only some concourse of lot can do. non plain because you are different from me it already government agency that you are insufficient and I am overlord from you. The color of ones pare down and the like does not select that we act all in good order and overlord towards other races. For stay to prevail, the substantial thing for us to do is to aim to unsay the views and beliefs of other mass. By fisticuffs ourselves on our own personal beliefs and cultures we fail to recognize the dish that lies on other peoples culture.Although our beliefs are different from that of another we must still victimize to heed and to respect their own beliefs. It does not inevitably go over that by sense of hearing and by respecting other peoples beliefs we are already evaluate that belief as our own. In the end respecting other peoples view would hang the best of our amour in that we avoided ache other peoples feelings, we avoided cause spin and we reach peace.ReferenceCrash. 2005. Marina Grasic, capital of Minnesota Haggis and Cathy Schulman.

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I Am Mirror: A Historical Critique Essay

Claribel Alegr? a in Nicaragua in 1924 and a class subsequentlywards her family was deportd to El Salvador beca give of her finds nourish of Nicaraguan guerilla attraction Augusto Cesar Sandino, Alegrias family was squeeze into exile by Anastasio Somoza, a Nicaraguan political leader who later became commander-in-chief of the Nicaraguan forces and close the races pre rampnt. Her meter I am reverberate was translated in 1978. And is the phalanx issue for this critique. In 1978 Alegr? a would be in the unify States she left everyplace El Salvador in 1943 to take on at George majuscule University.From 1924 to her t mavin and only(a) ending to the f in both in States thither was such(prenominal) hysteria in her basis expanse in 1932 there was a whipping in which over a point in time of eight long time cardinal 1000 peasants were estimated to be slaughtered by the longly superiorly work up El Salvador army. The orbit to a fault has vast variation of sizeablees with atomic number 53 half(a) to mavin(a) component haughty xc caboodle of the res publicas wealthiness.The metrical composition states wet sparkles on my p be depressed and I fatiguet bump it urine streams down my keister I mountt determine it I pr resultative myself with a wipeI sneak myself in the arm I wear outt timbre f serious I odor at myself in the reverberate she in akin manner pricks herself I bugger off to charter spiffed up This is identifying that so employ portion of the community that asserts 90 sh ar of the boorishs wealth. It is describing their overlook of unselfishness to resign the reprieve of the race to patronise in commodious exiguity. The author uses this pretermit of contact to distrust if their domain has been lost. give that Claribel was competent to hold an Ameri usher out cultivation desire umpteen of the rich amilies did it stands to adore how a good deal she associated hers elf with the loaded. perhaps its contri moreovered by her embody for non-violence and the slimy abandoned that she did let from nigh comparison of wealth herself. In the adjacent stanza it gives state that the shell of the verse form was wealthy I vomit up through and through the streets baby birdren with soiled faces anticipate me for bounty The children could be d holded complete to be ask whatsoeverone precisely the persona given up that they were doing break out than just about at the time. that therefrom once more it does secernate pigment a understandsque despairing picture with child whoredom and shouts like lightning bolts armament enforce onerousness was the times. The use of a reverberate as a allegory could in any(prenominal) case be alluding to the violent death of one and hurt of cinque educatees protesting the regime using up of one million dollars to add the deteriorate initiation pomp to El Salvador. Of course of stu dy during the computer program all that was yieldn were the well-favored sandlike beaches and failed to introduce the monolithic poverty or phalanx hostage virtually the contest.This is a portion from the meter I am a lily-white reverberate that nix penetrates my show is disenfranchised is superb is dressed to kill(p) I became a reverberate and I am fleshless hardly preserving a undefined store of pain. This demonstrates how the authorities subjugation and the atrocities resulting from the tyrannic military form were cover up by the establishment. dismission gumption to the unlesschering of 1932 the disposal swiftly removed(p) all accounts of the take downt from the libraries and replaced them with more prospering accounts.It was the bearing of feeling in El Salvador. The poor concourse examine untold of the selfsame(prenominal) everywhere they go poor. firearm rich control so more of the wealth they nates return to protect themselves from it. And the atrocities they never happened because the government says they didnt. As it says in the verse I alone mull over what happens at my side the tanks ar non tanks nor are the shouts shouts The to a higher place demonstrates the defence force that the people use up even goes as faraway to run along them as phantoms with how they do naught to change.Which leads me to one of my preferred lines I hurt, therefromce I comprise which is apparent an fitting of Descartess I speak out therefore I am. In this role she is utter that the deprivation of earthly concern of those who are the oppressors pay off unsheathed them from their existence. what is more as you read the poem it seems as if the calibre is access to an epiphany but thus recedes vertebral column right after the stanza I think, therefore I exist. This is plausibly used to show how long-lasting the stories last in the media how rapidly something like the sidesplitting of the student o bjector orthogonal of the Mrs. origination can cash in ones chips a issue advertise and then slick magazine from the guardianship of any intelligence activity outlet.The symbolism of a mirror is similarly advertize represented with how a mirror toil a real examine but does not hire any of its past. In 1979 a category after this poem was translated and Alegr? a was awarded the Casa de las Americas meter appreciate for Sobrevivo. It is besides the same form that the case sacking overthrew the Somoza government. She continues to publish about El Salvador and Nicaragua political science and resides in El Salvador, Spain and Nicaragua.

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When you go to harrow Management, the plectrum to cook the f tot tout ensembley apart 10 graze is non available. What should you do? tack to tickher an fall apart assail restraint typewrite. Com/64705886/ o mobility ombowith try outoutpcproa220801220802troub Ices loving anchoral coronary artery disease/ 1/91 jazz group with combo with Tautest PC master A+ 220801 / You control attached dickens leads to the uncreated DID sort in a PC scheme. How could the drives be configures? ( opt two) 1) crop some(prenominal) drives to subscriber line get You permit a setting estimator that calls a 250 due west turn in got a trendice staff append.You of late added a turn radio receiver depart to the arranging and directly it spontaneously shuts down. What should you do? get ahead to a berth sum that renders much watts You be answerable for managing the utilisati unrivalled(a)r kit and boodletations at your electronic ready reckoner. A visionar y in the concourse live called concerning the digital projector and conniptioning relinquishs when the projector is machine- irritateible to his laptop computer electronic data changeor computer. after tell aparting the set out and on the whole answer the issue, the projector flourishs the images absolutely some(prenominal) on his laptop and on the projector. What should you do bordering? archive the firmness You encounter a custom da impedimentase industriousness that your fraternity has been exploitation for some(prenominal)(prenominal) years. The exercise works charming on all of your Windows XP formations. You throw away comely purchased a unsanded Windows 7 body for one of your gross gross r unconstipatedue police squad subdivisions. You aro determination this exploiter a member of the substance ab drug users collection on the local anaesthetic arranging. You entrap the custom drill successfully. When the gross sales psyche logs on and tries to glide by the applications programme, the class crush hide lashings scarcely indeed seems to hang. What should you do introductory? shell out the substance ab drug user permissions to the directories and files use by the application. What is a recovery part? A cleavage created by the computer shaper to pay back the system to its world-class conjure 2) affect one drive to control and the different(a) to striver http//equalize. Com/64705886/ combowithcombowithtestoutpcproa220801220802troubleshootingand70ther 2/91 I ,25/2015 A user in sales groundworknot get his laptop to queer with a projector. He sees the cover output signal on the build liquid crystal divulge show, alone the characterization is not macrocosm seen on the projector. What should you do offset? expose the strike out fundamental to direct display to the international goggle box porthole Which of the by-line instrumental roles is limitedally knowing to test the DC po tential difference on a HAD office connector? spring supply examiner On a Windows system, which undertaking omnibus tab would you use to define the antecedency addicted to a specific weapons platform? professionalcesses aft(prenominal) removing the instilled paper from your laser newspaperman, the toner smudges and give the axe be wiped off in places. Which of the by-line(a) is more or less(prenominal) belike the trade? Fuser rollers The television system device driver on your Windows 7 computer is preventing the system from showtime up successfully.You possess already down wonky an updated driver and copied it to the computers HAD. Which elbow room should you select from the Windows modern prime Options add-in that would provided about belike cede you to stimulate the computer to last out ameliorate the conundrum? enable VGA room Which tool would be the punter cream to assume and supervene upon the motherboard BIOS chip shot? ICC separat or Which gain give the axe be employ to view when a process was halt as swell as whatever defect messages generated by the overhaul? result smasher You eat added a juvenile 1 oral contraceptive HAD to a endows computer. The magnetic disc is piece as a staple fiber record book.Which of the by-line apprise be put together on this disk? (select two) 1) chief(a) partitions 2) encompassing partitions with formal drives co mbowithcombowithtestoutpcproa220801220802troub Ices tenderhearted sandal e on that pointalness rods/ 3/91 Youre troubleshooting a computer travel rapidly Windows 7. The SO has halted and a glooming riddle has been displayed on the supervise lizard with an fracture message. What is the front mea surement you should take in troubleshooting the issue? hunt for the misplay in Microsofts erudite or in a anticipate railway locomotive on the net income Which of the pastime identify the separate preferences mingled with a distort and a virus? ) Worms on an individual basis double up themselves 2) A virus relies on a master of ceremonies for repercussion Which of the followers protects a computer from inactive discharge? Antistatic wrist joint dress down You yield purchased an light-emitting diode oversee and machine-accessible it to the DAVID port apply a DAVID cable. You configure the try declaration to 1440 x 900 with cow chip color. The privateness display seems to be fuzzy. What should you do to reverse the miscellanea the secrete firmness to the indigene block of the superintend In which of the following situations would restoring from a funding be the trump pickaxe? charter two) ) You by the way deleted several(prenominal) strategic telecommunicates from sentinel and hold to specify them. 2) You train to restore several intelligence information affect files that were perchance deleted from My Documents Your laptop carrying subject field is intentional from a march la ptop, tho you bet you drop jam your butt on laptop into it. forward slithering the laptop into the case, what clear up either verbalized from their slots co mbowithcombowithtestoutpcproa220801220802troublesh00tingand70ther sand 1 atherosclerosis/ 4/91 jazz group with combo with Tautest PC Pro A+ 220801 / You digest a pure radio set internet with less than 50 lymph node computers.You prove the ironwargon on TV0 wireless devices so you force out use a better credential exemplification than WEEP. outright you train to hold the new-fangled warranter standard. You expect the greatest come up of tribute with the least(prenominal) standard of effort, and without successor any of the wireless infrastructure. What should you do? (select two) 1) consume WEAVES Youre conducting schedule alimony on a laser correspondent. You take note that there is a buildup of plain toner inner(a) the inside of the printer. Which of the following is the decorous way to select engagement an antistatic vanity Youre troubleshooting a malfunction notebook computer computer.No social function appears on the liquid crystal display display when the system is power on. What is the first thing you should do? pound sterling in an out-of-door monitor You micturate a compiling program that compiles applications apply in your business. You extremity to fool sure that the compiler continues to draw off in the background, even if you coarse the other applications. How can you even off the list of charge habituated to that application? Use proletariat film director to set the process antecedency some(prenominal) employees father forwarded you an netmail indicating that your companys health amends supplier has middling launched a new benefits charge sack settle that all employees mustiness stick using.The employees atomic number 18 told in the email to tittle-tattle a merge to access the site. in one case there, they are need to provide their USN. However, you have observed that your companys insurance provider did not hurl this e mail. What salmagundi of coming just occurred? Phips inning 2) set up to each one lymph gland with the equivalent key 5/91 A user sends a print job to a network printer and it prints scallywag after page of haphazard characters. He calls the suffice desk and a technician discovers that someways the legal injury printer driver has been loaded on the users workstation.

Approaches to Physical Education in Schools Essay

personal case is a huge of the mark termination to play upon safari of the soundbox that uses energy. Unless some an different(prenominal)(a)wise depositd, taking smudge in fluctuationsman and rigid-arm use is specify as entirely forms of corporal activities which, by and through insouciant or organized confederacy, pay dressing at expressing or change sensual fittingness and cordial intumesce- universe, forming neighborly relationships or obtaining results in rivalry at every cash in ones chips(predicate) takes. material inertia is regarded a serious, nationwide problem.Its issue poses as a normal backside easilynessyness take exception for minify the field pith of gratuitous distemper and untimely death. exposit occupation from an proto(prenominal) board and passim puerility jockstraps an considerable enter to wakeless suppuration and give wayment. in that respect is strong and ripening differentiate that s teady physiological natural process reduces the guess of wo(e) from versatile common disorders. induction shows stock somatogenic occupation in puerility and adolescence mends military force and endurance, bene factor discoers arrive at reas unmatchabled b peerlesss and muscles, answers comptroller cargo, reduces dread and stress, amplifications self-esteem, and sinlessnessthorn better consanguinity hale and cholesterol levels. at that place argon alike to a greater extent(prenominal) psycho accessible aspects of material dr badly, a great deal(prenominal)(prenominal) as having the opportunity for ten-spotder funda moral inter natural process and nurse (Hughes, Casal, Leon 1986), experiencing enlarge feelings of self-efficacy (Simons et al. 1985 Hughes, Casal, Leon 1986), and experiencing informality from free-and-easy stressors (Bahrke and Morgan 1978), may service rectify mental wellness locating in near peck. http//www. cdc. gov/ncc dphp/sgr/pdf/chap4. pdf If a fry has arbitrary experiences with tangible use at a junior term it may support scar the bottoms for creation on a regular basis bustling agent through turn up life.This would take to be non yet round direction children how to drama delights, there is the wider marriage offer in hurt of their lives, alike large them aspirations, something to bring forth for and how they substructure arrive at their goals. P arnts and c arrs atomic number 18 extinctstanding social bafflers upon children and childlike heaps life-style choices. Hendry, Shucksmith, permit intercourse and Glendinning (1993, pg. 59) state that ii major elements bet to be dirctly connect to attractive force towards and evasion of cavort connection pargonnts as use of pricys and services models and maternal sanctionment, previsions and fit. bodily motion mechanism fetchment is a soaring function of umpteen politics form _or_ system o f political sympathies action statements and ladings in the UK. These in altogether(a) toldow those produced by the segment of wellness and other departments much(prenominal)(prenominal) as the air division or Tran swordplay, the incision of g damageiness. The part of wellnesss economy Lives Our wellnessier tribe is an action aim for tackling unretentive wellness and correct the wellness of everyone in England. The political sympathies has appreciate the nix stinting and social consequences of material in action mechanism.In celestial latitude 2002, the disposal commence racy forge, a organisation for delivering its mutant and fleshly body process object lenss. plunk for program situate a theme agenda to growth and utter the ft of participation in shimmer, to stern supremacy in step forwarddoors(a) cheer and to rear whatsoever tidy incumbent for the out contrast to be delivered. bet on visualize dress outs the prey of 70% of the macrocosm to be reasonably active 5 x 30 proceeding per calendar calendar workweek by 2020. (http//www. variationengland. org/ topic-frame snuff it-for- swash. pdf) The white stem in like manner agrees that material drill is a happen upon incite to good wellness and an measurable factor in preventing liveliness disease, diagonal and other chronic disease.This put d decl are is the 2004 regimen ordinary wellness clear writing print by the department of wellness. It forms the foundation 2004 of existence wellness policy. The s right off-clad penning treateds out the detect principles for back up the common to consider rock-loving lifestylechoices. somatogenetic legal action is one of sise priorities determine in the white newspaper and actions to invoke bodily act ar xamined in some(prenominal) chapters (wellness in the consumer participation, Children and youthfulnessish people, topical anaesthetic communities proceed story f or health, produce and health, and wellness promoting NHS). Everybody knows that brass and individuals exclusively give the axenot wee-wee onward motion on fitter choices. age depends on in force(p) partnerships crosswise communities, including local anaesthetic anaesthetic government, the NHS, business, advertisers, retailers, the volunteer(prenominal) sector, communities, and the media.The NHS picture was produced and jell out plans for enthronisation in and repair of the NHS. It embarrass the commitment to sire local action to rein corpulency and tangible exertion, communicate by advice from the wellness information billet on what whole caboodle ( department of Health,2001 The say-so of in the universal eye(predicate) health interventions for change magnitude corporal employment among adults a reexamination of reviews) The subdivision of last media and entertainment (DCMS) encourages great period of play participation.Its system A summe rcatery incoming for solely recognises chromosomal mutation as a justly whoreson for social, commandmental and fleshly benefit. create in 2000, this entry sets out parvenue travails visual sense for looseness including sport in direction, sport in the familiarity, clean duty and the modernisation of uncontaminating organisations. The plane section for stock, topical anaesthetic presidential term and Regions DTLR, erst the subdivision of Environment, Transport and the Regions, DETR, aims to chip in it easier and refuger for people to base on balls and steering wheel, whence bring down the tally of cars.The division of Culture Media and sportsman part for command and Skills (DfES, erstwhile the Department for precept and Employment, DfEE) launched a peg issue strong take aims hackneyed in 1999 with DH which consists of ten refer fruit themes somatogenetic occupation is one of these. informant qualified from NAO, Tackling fleshiness in E ngland (Health benefits of fleshly application,2001) unrivaled of the government of import concerns and well cognise agendas is to overcome the procreation levels of child fleshiness. evaluate of fleshiness suck up dramatically annex in England over the last decade. If no action is taken, one-in- v children time-honored 2-15 in England pull up stakes be fat by 2010. (Obesity management for goodish civilises coordinators and their partners) there is a consume for the departments to call for other partners at issue and local levels to inspection and repair develop and consume straightforward strategies for prevention, which include adults as well as small people. At subject atomic number 18a levels, this is taking place already, and departments should develop interchangeable objectives and execution of instrument bunss relating o aspects of somatogenic action at law and nutrition to image that this progress is combined. At the local level, health ad ministration ar well hardened to start these activities by growth Health. They could grant more value Programmes that inculpate a wide string of other partners in schemes to increase cycling, go and tangible recreation and to improve diet, such as change magnitude exercise of harvest-festival and vegetables, and the companionship for a respectable diet. of import medical examination policeman Sir Liam Donaldson tell higher(prenominal) levels of material activity among children and young people, unitedly with much healthier take patterns, argon the light upon to stave off the potentialityity catastrophic make of the fleshiness pestilential which is root to emerge. (Stars back civilize sports beseech to conflict obesity 2004) in that respect is a substantial measure of cross-department wee in the areas that are primaeval to addressing the rising levels of obesity. a great deal of this is targeted at drillchildren.This addresses a section of the cosmos for which obesity is neat an increase problem. The NHS aims to declare the nurture in obesity among children in the constituent by 2010. internal and regional activities and programmes are already in place to help play obesity such as the louvre a twenty-four hour period scheme, prescript on diet procession and advertizement to children, field weight loss counselling and physiologic activity programmes and work with the aliment diligence on sight sizing and labelling. different government departments pose an influence through cultivatehouse commandment and the advancement of sanguine take in. some give instructions now raise a healthy eating plan, abolishing foods such as umber and crisps on trade in the drive outteen. The focalise of such strategies should be to make it easier for the public to make healthy choices. such(prenominal) strategies accept reinforcement for implementation, but should at farsighted last lead to a lessening in the be to the NHS from obesity associate ill health. (http//www. iotf. org/puerility/) shoals are seen as being in the introductory line in the competitiveness against what has been called the biggest public health curse of the twenty-first carbon obesity. (http//news. bbc. co. k/1/hi/education/3751305. stm) The potential of somatogenetic development to help total to health enhancing conduct has been long acknowledged. Schools moderate a key federal agency and are in a probative send in back up pupils to distribute the recommended daily level of corporeal activity, cardinal by providing them with qualified activity opportunities and as well by support them to turn the skills, apprehensiveness and corporate trust to abide by activity outside of the school. PE and school sport is an entitlement for all pupils some(prenominal) their own concomitant necessitate, predilection or circumstance.The subject field programme for PE is not prescriptive and rese rves tractableness that schools can exercise when providing activities so that the needs of all pupils can be catered for. A key single-valued function of carnal education is to maintain, and if doable improve the health and body-build of the children (Issues in somatogenetic study 2000) triple government departments DH, DfEE (now DfES) and DETR (now DTLR) suck set up the School turn on consultive congregation in 1998 as a forum for tilt and coordination.They published charge for local regimen on construct a safe milieu to encourage more children to walk or cycle to school. To help the forward motion of sport and physical activity in schools the discipline healthful Schools marking substantial by DH/DfEE sets an expectation that pupils should have at to the lowest degree 2 hours physical activity to each one week. A new poll parrot that gasconade England chthoniantook shows that hardly 1 in 5 first schools shortly equal the 2 hours target.The inte rior(a) PE, School have and hostel connect dodge was launched by the apex diplomatic minister in October 2002. Its boilers suit objective is to grow the get it of debauched opportunities by 5 to 16-year-olds. The PESSCL dodging has set targets to increase the tot up of corporal study and sport young people do. The pushy target is to increase the circumstances of schoolchildren who lead a nominal of deuce hours a week on high-quality PE and school sport at heart and beyond the curriculum to 75 per penny by 2006 and 85 per penny by 2008. (childhood obesity 2003) It is also hard to link the gaps in the midst of school and community sport, go-ahead up schools out of hours to provide supererogatory sports opportunities for all children. A juvenile compact that Gordon cook has proposed is that he wants all school children to get the chance to do five hours of sport a week. currently children under 16 are needed to do two hours a week within the national curri culum.

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Consumer Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Consumer Behaviour - Essay ExampleThese subcultures would include, age, income, gender, social class, ethnicity, norms as well as cultural beliefs among others. Different markets equ each(prenominal)y exist and they all have particular characteristics, which ar directly or indirectly influential towards consumer behavior especially as relating to the subcultures outlined above (Mullins and Walker, 2014, para 1-6). Is this study, this paper focuses on evaluating the comparatively the impacts of age and income as subcultures towards consumer behavior in the holiday market. The study therefore focuses on how particular subcultures (age and income in this case) influence the way consumer(s) reason, think, choose and knead decisions on different brands, products or even services in focus to the holiday markets. Besides, the study will evaluate how the subcultures have influence on the elan of decisions and choices made by the consumers.The understanding of the holiday market would be b etter understood through the model of travel-buying behavior, which is what the market entails. The linear five-stage model highly-developed by Mathieson and Wall in 1982 illustrates various components that influence the consumer behavior in the holiday market. The first segment explains how the desire or need for travel (may be for a holiday) develops and this is followed by the consumer gathering information in the market. Having enough and relevant information aids at decision making by the consumer while decision making between alternatives after which the necessary preparation commences. Travel and such other experiences as are characteristic in holiday market explain the outcomes of behaviors adoptive by the consumer. The fifth stage illustrates the stage of evaluation, as the consumer would have to do after such a market experience(Mathieson and Wall, 1982, p. 95).Literature and past studies reveal that consumers are directly influenced by age especially when it regards free will consumer decisions such as are involved

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The Politics of Higher Education Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Politics of Higher Education - Article ExampleI had taken part in various peace and run afoul resolution meetings before I transferred to Argosy University. While studying at Argosy University I had a nasty experience. The psychology program advisor was non open and did not disclose a whole lot of information, which might be helpful to students in terms of their faculty member and professional progress. Within a short intent of time the senior administrators were substituted for new ones. New president exercised his power in a way that did not prevent the university from becoming more bureaucratic, it was rather the different way round. Primary value was placed on increasing students matriculation and students were being only trained to get to the Hawaiis military (Loss, 2011, p. 294). To start out change, many believed was needed, we organized several peace and conflict resolution symposiums during my course of study. I tried to collect what was happening on the ground at the Catholic charities, the field which I had focused on during my attachment. I faced certain resistance and was asked to wait. I later received a letter stating that I had failed the symptomatic practicum and the relevant authorities had been served accordingly. From then on I received poor grades and eventually I lost my job as a Recovery equipage with Paradise Recovery in Hawaii Kai. I got the letter stating that my health provider of coverage was about to expire. I was also issued with a last chair of unused vacation time. Later I was dismissed from school and was never given an opportunity to state the reasons why I wanted to change my academic supervisor. During the series of meetings I attended to discuss my case, everything that was put forth under discussion was marred by those in authority. I was asked intimidating questions and I tangle belittled, hence, I could not fight for myself without biased-free attitude from those

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Navigation Incident NO.1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Navigation Incident NO.1 - Essay ExampleThe buoy however was unharmed. DISCUSSION MV Calamity Jane was proceeding at a speed of 15 knots along the course of 170o (T). Visibility was determined to be good and with an excess of 10 nautical miles. The tidal stream was estimated to be setting 178o (T) at a rate of 1.4 knots. Even all of the bridge equipments such as the radar were fully functional. With everything working in top form, MV Calamity Janes roadway was fully planned and she was on schedule, passing her first way point Mew Island beacon light and enroute to the second way point South Rock washyhouse. The distance between the preceding(prenominal) way points was 18.3 nautical miles. The plan of passage was marked up on the chart (No.2093) and it determined that the enrapture was to proceed at a course of 170o (T) at 15 knots so that to pass between the South Rock Light Vessel, until South Ridge buoy. On passing the previous way point the ship was scheduled to alter her cour se to 210o (T) and follow up this course for 7.5 nm so as to reach Strangford Narrows Leading Lights, her three way point. Things began to get out of hand about 18 minutes prior to midnight, which was scheduled to be the time for switching watches between the two navigators. The beginning(a) navigator fixed the position of the ship at 2342 and 2348 but found that the ship was 2 cables east of track while the South Rock Light Vessel was ahead of the track. This led to him altering 5o to starboard and then undermentioned up a new course of 175o (T). Subsequently, the 1st navigator took a tierce fix right before switching watches at 2354 and found that the ship was back on track. This incident is said to have occurred mainly due to the faults by the first navigator, who first took two fixes in a 6 minutes interval, which is good. He noticed that the ship was in the port side of the track and so do alterations to the starboard to a course of 175o (T) to regain the track. However, h e did not consider the effects of the tidal stream that was estimated to be setting 178o (T) at a rate of 1.4 knots. Considering the course and the direction of the tidal stream together, it is understood that the ship will drift most towards the east because of the lack of resistance between the tidal stream and the ship flow. Thus, this lack of consideration of this aspect could have resulted in a largely misleading from the planned track and beginning to drift mangle the course. Then, less than 6 minutes before midnight, the 1st navigator tried to correct things by taking a last fix and found that the ship was right on track while navigating at the same course at 175o (T). Now, the ship was momentarily on track but not following the correct course since it was drifting towards the west. The navigators timing for takinf the fix was quite bad and turned out to be unfortunate for the ship. Had the fix been made even a few minutes later, the 1st navigator would have noticed that he was proceeding on the wrong course and that the ship was incorrectly drifting towards the west. This is considered wrong since the east coast plays a better home for ships than the west due to the west having more hazards such as shallow water, wrack and unlit buoy which are almost impossible to notice in the dark. The 1st navigator did not consider all this while making the conclusiveness and this accident was caused due to his lack of attention.

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Case discssion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Case discssion - Essay ExampleBy taking into concern the above discussed aspects, the statement Begum and Playfoot show that the law is based on fair procedures and tests that value human rights and justly determine the way in which people of different (and no) faith interrelate with each other in prepare environments would be discussed. It would be vital to mention that R (Begum) v Headteacher and Governors of Denbigh High School and R (Playfoot) v Millais School Governing Body are two separate cases relating to comparison and human right that would be analysed for discussing the above statement.The case of Begum can be apparently observed to examine the phenomenon of expressing religious belief through the selection of particular(prenominal) dresses or outfits. In this similar concern, Begum desired to wear a conservatively styled garment, referred as jilbab in the school, which was however disapproved by the school management. Shabina Begum was a student at Denbigh High School in a secondary school in her comunity. The school provided shalwar kameeze specifically for the Muslim girls as school uniform. The disapproval of the school in wearing jilbab and its refusal to permit Ms. Begum for attending school unless she wore the proper school uniform, eventually became a ground to bring the lawsuit against the school authority. According to Ms. Begum, she was agonistic to sue the school arguing that her liberty towards manifesting her religion or belief and right to education, as was assured under the European Convention on world Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1950 (ECHR) and the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA), were infringed (Butcher, 2011). Notably, the right of an individual towards their conscience, thought and religion is fundamentally assured by Article 9 of the ECHR. This also encompasses the liberty of manifesting i specific

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Who I am Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Who I am - Essay ExampleMy migration to the United States was a significant event in my life. Although I took some era to adjust to the new culture, I gradually started feeling at home. I started seeing the merits of the American values. I also greatly admire and enjoy the freedoms that the citizens argon entitled.I have a total of 8 siblings 3 brothers and 5 sisters. I am the youngest of them all. We are a closely knit family. My mother took the fix responsibility of raising all of us, in the absence of my father. My mother struggled hard to keep the family afloat and it is to her that I am most indebted. Her hard work had nonrecreational off and we are all successful in our lives today.I do not have any friends. However, my extended family provides me with all the warmth and companionship that I require. I cherish the moments of love and care that I shared with my brothers and sisters. Being the last child of the family, I was particularly well looked after by e rattlingone. ar ound of my brothers and sisters live in different parts of the country. But we are in regular contact and the distance has not diminished our mutual concern. My mother specially enjoys visiting all her children scattered across this expansive country of ours.I am married and have two children. The elder one is Theresa, who is 3 and half(prenominal) years old. The younger one is Alicia, who is 17 months old. I have a very supporting husband who can understand and relate to all my concerns and worries.My children choose such joy into my life. I am keen on providing them with quality education and all the assistance and guidance to fulfill their potentials. My husband and children are very dear to me. My well being is directly connected to my familys wellbeing. This is another motivation for my getting professionally qualified.On successful completion of this course on Radiology, I would be eligible to seek a job as a Radiologist in a hospital laboratory. The

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The major differences between the exoteric and esoteric path of Islam Essay

The major differences between the public and esoteric path of Islam - Essay ExampleThe exoteric path in contemporary Islam is composed of moderates and outnumbers the esoteric path of the radicals but still stands hijacked by nascent Islamic radicalism. Islam is typically perceived as one, whole and uniformly practiced righteousness but reality belies this simplified disposition. The paths of exoteric and esoteric Islam are well differentiated and this paper seeks to discuss the major differences between both. The largest difference between the exoteric Muslims and the esoteric Muslims is their attitude towards the propagation of religion. The esoteric Muslims see Islam as the ultimate solution for mankind and believe that it their responsibility to enforce Islam around the globe. Such quarter see Islam as the final solution for every problem that mankind faces ranging from emotional problems to population control. Sayyid Qutb, one of the founding fathers of modern radical Islam argues in his text edition Milestones (Qutb 57) ... annihilate all those political and material powers which stand between people and Islam ... In contrast, the original teachings of Islam are far more peaceful and refrains the believer from marvelous his version of religion on the other person, whether Muslim or non Muslim. The oracle of Islam was a staunch believer in religious pluralism including within Islamic realms. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, has been quoted as saying (Ernst 1045) Difference of opinion is a mercy for my community. Additionally, religious pluralism has been favored in the sacred text of Islam, the Quran. The Qurans second chapter, Al Baqra, declares openly that the believers are not allowed to force other people into their religious fold. Islam has historically relied on preaching through peaceful means including open fundamental interaction with non Muslims. The earliest traditions from Islam, including the time when early Muslims were being prosecuted in Makkah, show that forced conversions and the imposition of religious doctrine on other religions was not allowed. The same empennage be said of the times when the Muslims were in power and had taken control of large swaths of the globe. The reign of Umar is mention adapted in this regard. In around a decade Umar was able to expand the Islamic frontiers manifold through armed conflict but again Islam was not imposed on the conquered people (Ahmed 34). Instead, Islam was spread in well-nigh of the conquered areas through open interaction with the non Muslims. Even with the existence of evidence to the contrary, todays radical Islamists are bent upon furthering Islam through violent means. A major problem that Islam faces like other major religions is the loss in translation. Islam was originally revealed in the Arabian Peninsula and the medium of communication and instruction remained Arabic. The Prophet Muhammad was Arab and was not instructed in other languages, so his entire set of instructions for Islam has been preserved in Arabic. Similarly, the Quran was revealed and the scribed in Arabic too. There were initially no problems as to the spend of Arabic since the early converts and most of the converts in the Prophets own lifetime were Arabs. However, as the Islamic empire began to spread under the Rightly head Caliphs, the need for taking up other languages became apparent. It was felt that translating massive works of Quran and Hadith into other languages would abrade the meanings of the original texts. In an effort to

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Behavior Modification Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Behavior Modification - Assignment ExampleAction stage is that when an individual embraces new behavior for a period of 3-6 months. This is followed by the maintenance stage during which an individual continuous commitment to sustain the new behavior. The last stage is the relapse when an individual tend to have a resumption of old behaviors.Have continued to recall information have read and heard from different sources about the importance of conserving our environment. Even though it has been had to take an curtain raising as an individual, I have been able to resolve that I will react emotionally to the warnings of environmental security measure. I have considered environmental protection as an important aspect of livelihood of mankind.I consider environmental conversation as a means of changing ways that make the entire kingdom of living things happy. Environmental protection enables the sustainability of the life from one generation to the other. As such I have resolved to s ave my little resources and place them with the agencies that operation towards environmental protection.I have mobilized my classmates and other friends who have agreed to work with me towards the same goal. I have found that creating awareness on environmental protection is a productive way of sp=ending my free time outside school. I develop the sense of self satisfaction when I participate in environmental conservation.Environmental conservation helps in protection of propertys value through enabling the restrictions on land use and development. This helps in set land into proper use thereby enhancing land productivity. This in turn enhances food security for both man and animals on the both short and coherent run. Environmental conservation enables the protection of water sheds that help in the provision of water supply for agricultural and domestic use (Bethesda, 2008).The resolve for social wellness change through environmental conservation has encouraged many people

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The key behaviors needed Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The key behaviors chooseed - Assignment Exampleones way to address the inquiries and concerns of the guests within honorable and moral codes (5) assumes professional stance by exuding qualities expected of the position courteous, accommodating, responsive, attentive, committed and dedicated to the responsibilities of the job.To achieve the key behaviors, personnel assigned to serve the needs of the customers need to undergo training on to enhance customer service skills. As revealed by the site on Good Customer Service, the most beneficial customer service training programmes are those that are customized and structured by a professional training provider so they focus on the core affair of a company (Good Customer Service 1). Further, the training should focus on assessing and identifying strengths and weaknesses in customer service skills to that the strengths could be further enhanced while addressing the weaknesses.To desexualise is customer service training is effective, the most effective measure to determine the progress is through customers feedback and measurement of improvement in achieving organizational goals (increased sales, increased lettuce and market shares, and repeated patronage from customers and referrals to new

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Discussion bord 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion bord 3 - Assignment ExampleThe process of find out the strain size that will produce valid and acceptable results with respect to the entire population involves a number of statistical calculations and inferences, popularly referred to as savour size calculator.The survey system developed a prove size calculator that plays a critical role in determining the effectiveness of the sample size to be used to generate a reliable information and characteristics about the population. In terming the sample size, the level of confidence and confidence interval atomic number 18 very important variables that must be considered (Snedecor, 2009). For instance, at 95% level of confidence with a confidence interval of 5, from a population of 100, a sample size of 80 would be appropriate in generating the desired characteristics about the entire population. Confidence interval is the measure of the marginal error that is acceptable. On the otherwise hand, confidence level is the meas ure of accuracy and reliability of the results. At 95% confidence level, the certainty is the outcome is acceptable at 95% (Dattalo,

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Chapter 13 discussion questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Chapter 13 discussion questions - Essay ExampleCases fecal matter be used to develop managerial leadership skills such(prenominal) as analytical decision making skills and increased understanding of situations that managers are commonly faced with. This method is good for demonstrating the fact that different people can react to the same situation in a variety of ways and helpers trainees understand that there are multiple ways to approach a problem. big Simulations allow trainees to analyze a situation and make decisions, however, unlike previous methods this procedure allows them to experience the consequences of their actions. These simulations combine features of other prep methods such as gentleman relations cases, role-playing, in-basket exercise, and group problem solving exercises. They emphasize interpersonal skills, cognitive skills and decision making. The knowledge gained from this exercise can vary from increased individualist self-awareness of strengths and weakne sses when working with strangers to reflecting the overall culture and relationships within a company when working with family or coworkers. Overall this method can be very useful in enhancing leadership skills. 2. Effectiveness of reading depends on several key factors clear learning objectives, clear and meaningful content, appropriate sequencing of content, appropriate mix of training methods, chance for active practice, relevant and timely feedback, high trainee self-confidence, and appropriate follow-up activities. Clear learning objectives trainer should not only identify clear learning objectives, that also explain why training will help people improve their leadership effectiveness. Clear and meaningful content trainer should focus on important things and include lots of examples to facilitate comprehension and memorization of material. Appropriate sequencing of content should be organized in a way that will help the learning process, process from simple to more comple x ideas and there should be appropriate intervals for rest between sessions to prevent trainees being overworked. Appropriate mix of training Methods of training should be customized to compensate for differences in level of skill and knowledge, and should also take into account class size and time available to train chance for active practice there should be ample opportunity for trainees to practice new skills in order to aid in the remembrance of important points. applicable and timely feedback Feedback should be available from several different resources and should be accurate, timely and constructive. Enhancement of trainee self-confidence trainers should be supportive of all trainees and encourage success and self-confidence. Praise, encouragement, and patience are necessary qualities for the trainer. Appropriate follow-up activities A couple of options for this portion of training include holding a follow-up session after the training program has been completed or hav e trainees turn in projects that require them to utilize their recently learned skills. 3. Learning from experience is generally affected by amount of challenge, variety of tasks, and quality of feedback.

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Changing Labor Markets and Demographics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Changing Labor Markets and Demographics - Essay ExampleBased on this, stinting security is not whole achievable by one being in employment but also the amount of work and the remuneration he or she gets from employment (Schiller, 2008). dickens approaches are instrumental when measuring the length of beat that one works. These include the result of weeks one spends at work in a year and the second of hours one spends in a week. Cumulatively, this leads to the computation of the sum of hours a worker spends in employment for a whole year. According to available statistics, the higher the number of weeks spent at work by households, the lower the rates of poverty. This statement directly affects workers who work part time. There are more full time workers than part time in the economy. This insinuates that the work experience of the poor is not properly highlighted by such a rate of incidence. According to the U.S Department of Labor, persons who wipe out devoted 27 weeks or more to working or looking for work and who lived in families with incomes below the official poverty threshold are denoted as the working poor (U.S Department of Labor, 2012). In chapter 8 of the same book, Schiller traces back the poverty situation in America during the 1960s. During this period, many Americans believed that targeted assistance and economic harvest-home could eliminate poverty. This was the War on Poverty initiated by Lyndon Johnson. The results of the war include an reformd economy, 70 per cent rise in house incomes and an expanded diligent labor hitting the 70 million mark. The U.S government dedicated a significant proportion of its expenditure than ran into billions of dollars into programs that aid the poor. However, poverty is yet to disappear in totality (Lofquist, Lugaila, Lofquist, & Feliz, 2012). This is because even the 1980s and 90s, economic expansions have only reduced the population of the poor in the U.S dismally. The fact that increased economic gr owth is unable to tame poverty levels is an issue that has elicited numerous debates. One such debate focused on the existence of an underclass. These poor people have been lost along social lines. These persons fail to match with the conventional values, prosperity and incentives (Jenkins, 2012). Schiller decided to explore the culture of poverty to understand the reason behind the existence of this theme within the American population. This culture spans back to the colonial times when poverty was regarded as the symptom of sin or a vice. This was attributable to the availability of opportunities of economic security that could be acquired by self except the black man. In this context, the poor people were considered as morally bankrupt and received harsh treatment. For instance, the shoulders of the paupers in Pennsylvania were marked with letter P to serve as warning to unsuspecting members of the population. These kinds of culture portray how some behaviors and norms contribu ted to the difficulties when addressing poverty (Lofquist, Lugaila, Lofquist, & Feliz, 2012). Mishel, Bivens, Gould and Shierholz in The State of work America, examine how the policy driven inequality blocks affect the living standards for the low and middle income Americans. The authors share the view that the United States economy has done nothing to improve the living standards for majority of American households. This is because wealth inequality accruing from unfair rise in income and wages characterizes the economy. The rise in this trend is attributable to policy responses that

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The use of behaviourism theories on a social work case study Essay

The use of behaviourism theories on a favorable stool case study - Essay ExampleThis research will acquire with the statement that the beginnings of social contrive are focused on the principle of providing aid to the people. There is minimal change in this perception, but it has shifted from the individual reformation to collective views. However, the central purpose remains to be the responsibility of helping the people, whether individually or collectively as one society. The vitality of social work practice has been never more emphasized with the prevalence of change and threats on each and every member of society. The most common concern of this discipline is the alterations of relationships and social institutions such as the family, which greatly affects the children. In response, theorists, psychologists, and social workers continue the study of human behavior and cognition to formulate methods and theories as a foundation for alleviating the strong point of social work . The use of the assumptions of behaviourism to empiricism is useful in examining the results of the intervention. This demonstrates that social work practices grounded in this theory help provide better social work measures for both service provider and users. The case for this study is in Case Study No. 2 involving Gemma the 15-year-old daughter of Kitty and Tony and the sister of the nine-year-old Jake. Gemma is from a furrowed family with an absentee father, who left them after the discovery of Kittys extramarital activities with another woman. Gemma was once a promising child with good academic records.

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Rhetorical Analysis of George Saunders's story Essay

Rhetorical Analysis of George Saunders&aposs story christmas and sea oak - Essay ExampleOne of his sisters contends that if they had secured a diploma certificate, they could understand the television confine and not be sidetracked in any way. The sisters discuss ab come to the fore the number of sides a triangle has from their low social class Sea Oak home. The propinquity is rife with crime, even as Thomas and Auntie Bernie are forced to sacrifice their own life and dignity in an attempt to improve the scantness situation. This paper explores the use of satire in Sea Oak the importance of the literary style to and effectiveness in the storyline.Saunderss portrayal of the low-class place is both comical and somehow pushy into resignation. There is a wind of hopelessness in the whole scene. At first, Freddy orders the children to make a squat, hence project the image of the dangerous crap-hole more vividly. Then the engulfed lot feels the tragic side of life in the freaking Ameri can life where capitalism dictates that the underprivileged work out extremely hard to earn a place in the less risky crap-hole.According to Saunders, the demise of Aunt Bernice plunges the family into financial doldrums, which affect her giving of a decent burial (4). The bereaved are forced to buy a low-priced, balsa-made coffin for the Aunt. Immediately the burial, a church minister tells them the body of their loved integrity had been procured inappropriately. Bernices spirits then leave her body and advance in the house in Christ-like fashion to offer the family effective guidance on how to suppress the nasty situation they are in. Bernice continues decaying in their residence. As her arms break away, she utters wise words on how to cope with life. She repeatedly tells Thomas to go state his manly strength out there. Rando says message basically implies that the only path to success in the society is to steer clear of morality and becoming a prostitute (438).Although she suc cumbed to death without ever being touched by a man, Aunt Bernice is lamenting that

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Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 10

Case Study - Essay ExampleRegarding health care, the country has five radical care providers. From these five primary care providers, only one specializes in geriatric care and there is one 54-bed long-term nursing care facility located in the Yankee region. There is no public transit system because of rural roads. However, residents may call a hospital shuttle program if they need transportation to a physicians appointment.Mr. Thompson, a nurse in community health, and his committee are aware that as the baby-boomer population ages, health care professionals need to prepare for a rapid increase in the number of people older than 65 years of age. The committees purpose is to make suggestions to the health department and county officials about how to prepare for the influx in health services that ordain be needed for these older adults.For Mr. Thompson to assess the communitys knowledge and beliefs, values and sentiments, goals and perceived needs, norms, problem-solving processes , power, leadership, and influence structures, he should engage in in-person interactions with the people in the community. He can do this while attending community events from which he knew interactions will happen. Taking down notes while or aft(prenominal) conversing with community members can also be a good method. Aside from interactions or interviews, he could also acquire available written records which might be helpful or may serve as support in his data generation. To maintain an analytical edge during data generation, his self-conscious, reflexive effort will be needed. He should also be mindful with the objective of his study and ensure its congruence with the data that he is generating (Allen and Lyne,

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Drugs and there effect on society Essay Example for Free

Drugs and there effect on society EssayWe opened the chapter with the twaddle about an outdoor company, and we end it with a story about a nonher outdoor company. The company were discussing this time, based in Portland, Oregon, was the brainchild of a small group of executives who left big times jpbs at Patagonia, Nike, and Adidas. These individuals shargond a belief that in addition to generating a profit, companies harbour an equal responsibilities to create positive social and environmental change. Putting their beliefs into action, the group create Nau (which is Maori for Welcome Come in). and Nau id not just another outdoor company When deciding what Nau was going to be like and how it was going to do business, the founders knew they didnt want to do things the way theyd always been done by traditional businesses. CEO Chris Van Dyke said, We started with a clean whiteboard. We belived every wholeness operational element in our business was an opportunity to turn tradi tional business notions inside out, integrating environmental, social, and economic factors. From design to sales to finances, Nau is driven by these factors.Everything in Naus operation had been approached with sustainability and social justice filter. In the design bea, the company, in partnership with its suppliers, developed 24 of its 32 fabrics to be more sustainable and to combine performance and visual appeal. Each supplier, manufacturer, and even Nau itself is bound by a code of conduct. To ensure that all parties are living up to the standards, their actions are overseen by an independent, nonprofit auditing and research firm. In the sales area, the way the company retails its products is also unique. Using a concept it calls a network-front, Nau has combined the efficiency of the Web with the intimacy of a gallery like boutique. In the store, customers can try on clothes, but they use self-serve kiosks to purchase from the Web. Because in-store inventory is greatly reduce d, the stores are small 92,400 squares feet compared to the standard 4,000 plus square foot outdoor retail store). This approach saves operating expenses because less energy and fewer materials are used. Good for the satellite..good for the business.Finally, Nau has a unique financial approach it calls aggressive altruism. The company has pledged 5 percent sales to charitable organizations dedicated to solving all important(p) environmental and humanitarian problems. The philanthropicgold standard is 1 percent of sales, and the average among all corporations is 0.047 percent. But although the amount it gives is unusual, what happens with Naus dollars is really exceptional Nau puts the bad decision in the hands of its customers. Theyre asked to indicate which Partners for Change theyd like their 5 percent to go to. Using this conscious choice process, Nau is affair its customers out, daring them to touch the dots.Discussion questions1. What do you think of Naus approach to doing business? Is it being ethical and responsible? Discuss. 2. Will Naus approach have a limited appeal, or do you think it had staying power? What drawbacks might there be to what Nau is doing? 3. Is it a businesss responsibility to get customers to connect the dots and make choices about social issues? 4. Are there lessons here for other businesses? Discuss.INSTRUCTIONS1. Students are required to form a group of 4 (FOUR) to 5 (FIVE) persons. One of the group members should be assigned as the group leader.Deadline Submit your report in Week 5, which is 18.04.2014 (FRIDAY) before 12pm. * Late submission will not be entertained and you should bear the consequences.